Windows 11: Insider Preview Build 22458 published in the Dev Channel

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Microsoft has started to distribute Windows 11 Build 22458 as a new Insider Preview via the Dev Channel for Windows Insiders. This is build 10.0.22458.1000 rs_prerelease from September 10th. In addition to various bug fixes, a new feature also takes its place in the new start menu.

A look ahead to the future of Windows 11

With the change to Build 22458, Microsoft is splitting off Windows Insider in the Dev Channel, which is primarily intended for developers and experienced users, from the release of Windows 11, which is scheduled for October 5th. This group will already be given first insights into the future of Windows 11 with the following “pre-releases”.

This means the builds released to the Dev Channel no longer match the Windows 11 experience that will be released to customers on October 5th.


The link to the login settings can be found in the power menu of the new start menu.

New link for the login functions New link for the login functions (Image: Microsoft)

In addition, the official list Release Notes the mandatory bug fixes and optimizations as well as the not yet resolved problems in Insider Preview Build 22458.


  • Fixed an issue affecting startup reliability.


  • Folders with # in the folder name can now be added for indexing.


  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Settings sometimes crashing when trying to open the display page.
  • When you click on “More about the refresh rate” in the advanced display settings, the support page that you want to open opens.
  • Fixed an issue where the location page in Settings didn’t show any warning text explaining why the location services setting was greyed out when it was grayed out.
  • Changes made to the settings under Manage App Execution Aliases in Settings should now be retained.
  • Fixed some typing errors in the output of the DLL.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause certain games to crash unexpectedly when using ALT + Enter (i.e. toggling between full screen and window) with Auto HDR enabled.


  • A problem has been fixed that in certain cases led to text shortening in the “Encrypting File System” window.
  • Fixed a rare scenario that could cause an uninstalled in-box app to unexpectedly reappear after restarting.

Windows UX and more tips

In addition, the in-house tips app has been revised and the new Windows UX with extensive use of the Acrylic material adapted and supplemented with further tips. A total of 114 tips are now available for the correct use of Windows 11. The app is also to be expanded further in the future.

The Tips app has been heavily revised The tips app has been heavily revised (Image: Microsoft)

Download also from ComputerBase

Like the overview of all preview versions via the Microsoft Flight Hub reveals, Insider Preview Build 22458 takes the place of Insider Preview Build 22454 in the Dev Channel, while Consumers in the Beta Channel have received Build 22000.184 as an official beta since September 9. Microsoft has only released build 22000.132 as a system image (ISO), which is linked as a download under this message.


  • Windows 11 ISO

    5.0 stars

    The Windows 11 ISO files can be used to create bootable installation media.

    • Version Insider Preview (Build 22000.132) German

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