“What year is it now?” Telegram trolls WhatsApp for its newest feature

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In mid-August, the WhatsApp development team began rolling out the iPhone chat feature to Samsung smartphones, which is now available to all owners of these smartphones. At the same time, the developers of WhatsApp announced that this procedure will require a cable with Lightning and USB-C connectors.

This innovation has attracted a lot of attention from Telegram and users of this messenger, who praise Telegram for its advanced features. In addition, Telegram reacted to the WhatsApp innovation by posting a meme that directly hints that WhatsApp is years behind Telegram.

Even WhatsApp users criticize the developers, and there are reasons for this: firstly, only iOS users can transfer their correspondence to Android smartphones. And secondly, so far this feature is only supported on some Samsung smartphones.

The WhatsApp developers have announced that they plan to expand this feature to include more smartphones from the South Korean tech giant as well as other manufacturers on the compatibility list.

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