Weekly review and outlook: TVs and cars always go in Germany

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Weekly review and outlook: TVs and cars always go in Germany

In the weekly review of the past seven days, the focus today is on the 35th week of 2021. 76 news / notes and 9 tests / reports appeared, among other things, the editors were able to see Samsung’s new micro-LED TV for the first time, a subscription for VW ID.3 and ID.4 also went through the roof.

Samsung’s first micro-LED TV is due to hit the market in October. The 8.3 million individually controllable pixels promise a previously unattainable image quality. In Frankfurt there was one of the first televisions to marvel at and the editorial team immediately came to the conclusion: You have to see this television live. The beautifully prepared renderings by Samsung or your own photos can hardly convey the new technology. You have to get an impression of it yourself. Micro-LED televisions have incredible potential, but currently it is still the very first generation that will soon make it onto the market at extreme prices. Some of the advantages can already be seen clearly, but also a few disadvantages.

Even with good hardware for the PC, ComputerBase made a pit stop: power supplies and coolers. The Straight Power 11 power supply units from be quiet! have repeatedly been able to prove themselves in the editors’ test, the new “Platinum” version should also succeed. With the 80Plus Gold power supplies of the MWE series in the lower price segment and the V series in the higher price segment, Cooler Master offers two alternatives. However, only one is convincing.

In addition, CPU water coolers from Alphacool, Aqua Computer, EK Water Blocks, TechN and Watercool on a Ryzen 9 5950X were compared. Eisblock XPX Aurora, cuplex kryos Next, Quantum Velocity, TechN CPU Waterblock and Heatkiller IV Pro all successfully face the CPU in the test. The differences become apparent in the details.

Amazon Prime, Netflix and in the future also the car? Volkswagen is now offering cars by subscription and is initially making 2,000 ID.3 and ID.4 available for the program. With the exception of electricity, customers receive a complete car and maintenance package, which is offered with a minimum term of three or six months from 499 euros per month.

Volkswagen sees the “AutoAbo”, as the subscription is officially called, as an important milestone for the 2.0 business model. The company no longer wants to be a pure vehicle manufacturer, but instead wants to transform itself into a general mobility provider.

Various tests in preparation

In the coming week, the editors will ask themselves the question: What happens if the graphics cards are slowed down by the processor? ComputerBase finds out with the help of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and the AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT and a total of six different CPUs from AMD and Intel.

With this reading material in your luggage, the editors wish you a relaxing Sunday!

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