United States: A company could market a flying motorcycle as early as 2023

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The company Jetpack Aviation claims to have developed a flying motorcycle that could be marketed from 2023. Called “Speeder”, this vehicle equipped with eight turbines has already passed all of its flight tests, according to a report. information from Moto-Station and Robb Report, relayed by Capital this Sunday. The Californian start-up has planned the production of two models.

“We could have an ultralight version (which does not require a pilot’s license) ready within two years and an experimental grade version within six months,” said Jetpack Aviation CEO David Mayman. The first version would benefit from an autonomy of 15 minutes for a speed limited to 97 km / h, according to the rules of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

A flying motorcycle for the general public at 325,000 euros

The other model would have a flight time of 35 minutes and could reach 400 km / h, provided you have a pilot’s license. In total, these flying motorcycles would be able to carry between 135 and 270 kg of load. The company’s engineers worked for almost a year and a half to successfully develop an intuitive system that operates like a motorcycle and automatically stabilizes the machine in flight.

The motorcycle would also be able to take off and land vertically on most surfaces in a space equivalent to that occupied by a car. Piloting can be manual or autonomous and the fuel should be 100% zero carbon. The estimated cost of the consumer model is $ 381,000 or about 325,000 euros. Pre-orders are already available.

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