Ubuntu 21.10 (“Impish Indri”): Like Google Chrome, Firefox is delivered as a snap

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The upcoming Ubuntu 21.10 (“Impish Indri”), which will be released on October 14th, will receive from Canonical Chromium also the Mozilla Firefox as a snap package via the free package management Snappy for Linux. Like the website Linux News reported, a request to this effect was received by the developers last week.

Mozilla Firefox as a snap under Ubuntu

After the browser will be available in Snap format for the first time in Ubuntu 21.10 (“Impish Indri”), it will be defined in this form as the new standard in the popular Linux distribution from Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, which will appear on April 21, 2022 will. Corresponding error corrections should be incorporated until then.

The delivery of software packages as snap packages or via the Snappy package management has its advantages compared to the traditional rollout via the repositories, which is why Mozilla a corresponding request to Canonical, which has since been granted.

  • Cross-platform support:
    • The Snap runs on all Linux distributions on which SNAPD also runs.
  • Authenticity:
    • Mozilla Firefox comes unadulterated straight from the Mozilla source.
  • Faster update:
    • The waiting time for the DEB, usually a few days, will be completely eliminated in the future.
  • Less time for maintenance, more time for new functions:
    • Community developers can focus on innovation rather than support.

The software distribution system Snappy avoids the need to provide specific installation packages or corresponding repositories for each of the Linux distributions by the software developer directly creating and releasing his snap packages.

The distribution itself no longer acts as the middleman between the developer and the users when it is delivered via Snappy.

Exclusively through Canonical

In contrast to Flatpak, where the required libraries and components can be optionally supplied, these are already included in a snap package. However, the Linux Mint development team criticizes the fact that the Snap packages are available exclusively from the Snap Store snapcraft.io be shipped by Canonical.

Other distributions such as Debian, Manjaro, openSUSE and Fedora, however, support the Snap format. Google Chrome or its open source offshoot Chromium is also already being delivered as a snap package for Ubuntu.

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