Twitter: Kick followers discreetly without blocking them? It might soon be possible

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Twitter is testing a feature that could relieve more than one. This allows to remove a user from his list of subscribers without blocking him, reports Digital, this Wednesday. The excluded person is not notified of this decision and receives no notification. But she will no longer be able to see the tweets of the profile that removed her from her subscriber list. She will therefore have to subscribe again.

Until then, the social network had simply allowed users to block a follower, who was notified of the decision. The latter was informed of this when he went to the account of the user who had blocked him. Also, he was unable to view the content of some of his tweets that appeared on his News Feed.

Only on the web version

This feature is currently being tested on the web version of Twitter without being offered to all users. To find out if you are concerned, you have to go to your list of subscribers. By clicking on the ellipsis on the right, a menu is displayed and allows you to activate the option, specifies Numerama. A confirmation is requested by the social network before the removal of a person from your list of subscribers is effective.

Twitter has yet to say whether this feature could be rolled out to Android or iOS. This tool would be an intermediate option for all users who do not want to take the step of blocking a follower. The new functionality can also represent an interest, in particular for the accounts which pass in “protected”. A profile using this mode can indeed use this tool to sort its followers and avoid certain risks.

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