Twitch: BlindWarriorSven Blind Warrior Confronts Street Fighter Subscribers

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He is champion of Street Fighter V and above all, resourcefulness. On Twitch, Sven van de Wege is the “Blind Warrior”. Or more precisely BlindWarriorSven. On his channel, launched in 2017, this 35-year-old blind Dutchman – he lost his sight at 6 – faces other players in fighting games. In particular, he lets himself be guided by sounds: he is thus able to locate the characters and describe their actions.

In his studio adapted to his disability, with keyboards in Braille but without a screen, he is able to manage his channel perfectly, to officiate live and to chat with his subscribers that he faces every Sunday during virtual fights. . “I win about eight times out of ten,” smiles the man who has beaten some of the best players in the world in tournaments he has played in Europe.

Some 3,000 subscribers

Its Twitch channel has just passed the 3,000 subscribers milestone and displays between 40 and 50 viewers per broadcast. A more than honorable score because people with disabilities are hardly visible on the platform, which nevertheless claims to work in favor of greater inclusion.

Sven hopes to become a “Twitch Partner” soon, a status through which he could generate enough income to make a living from this activity. For now, as an “affiliate”, the thirty-something is paid according to the number of subscribers to his channel, and their donations.

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