this is the standard set in France

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Apple has long ceased to equip iPhone smartphones with EarPods, but France received them before the release of the iPhone 13 and continues to receive them after the release of the smartphone. Apple is forcing the inclusion of EarPods with the iPhone 13 in France, a RF energy legal requirement that makes earphones a must and should be included in the box of smartphones.

Many countries have imposed regulatory limits on RF power output as it could be harmful to health. While Apple designed the iPhone in such a way that the proximity sensor detects when the phone is close to the head and therefore reduces signal strength, this is not enough due to country regulations.

IPhone 13 may contain headphones: this is standard in France

France urges its citizens not to keep their phones close to their heads. Instead, the government recommends using headphones, which can help avoid exposure to high frequencies. It is for this reason that smartphone brands in France must pack headphones along with smartphones as a must-have item.

Early adopters have confirmed that Apple is including the EarPods in the box with the new iPhone 13 series, as it did with the iPhone 12 and previous models. In doing so, the company uses the same thin packaging in which the iPhone 13 went on sale throughout the rest of the world.

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