Tesla now has permission to design laser wipers

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Lasers for windshield wipers? Tesla has been thinking about it since 2019. That year, the Californian car brand filed a patent for a laser wiper device. It would clean all glass surfaces by removing debris therein. This patent has just been validated by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, according to information from
Electrek, relayed by Capital, this Sunday.

For Tesla, this device is not intended to replace traditional wipers, it is only complementary. In addition, it does not remove the water when the rain falls on the windshield for example, it is only effective for making the windows clean. According to documents consulted by the American site, the technology used by Tesla would detect the accumulation of debris and remove it without entering the glass.

For windows and “photovoltaic assemblies”

The windshield is not the only surface affected by these lasers. The side windows, the optics of certain cameras and certain sensors could also benefit from this expeditious cleaning. According to the patent title, it is not only the Tesla vehicle fleet that is targeted by the innovative device but also “photovoltaic assemblies”.

These can be solar panels on cars or even solar tiles. If the patent has been filed and validated, however, nothing indicates that Tesla will indeed develop these laser wipers. Elon Musk’s company is currently working on new, futuristic-looking electromagnetic wipers that are more likely to be fitted to vehicles.

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