Sir Clive Sinclair: developer of legendary home computers has died

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More than 40 years ago, on March 5, 1981, and thus before the Commodore 64, the Sinclair ZX81 home computer based on the Z80 microprocessor with 3.25 MHz and a 1 kilobyte main memory appeared. Its creator, the British inventor and computer developer Clive Sinclair, has now died at the age of 81.

An icon of home computers

In addition to the legendary Sinclair ZX81 With 3.25 MHz and 1 kilobyte of RAM, which made home computers mass-produced for the first time at a price of only 69.95 British pounds or 398 DM, the predecessor also made it popular beyond the “scene” Sinclair ZX80 as well as the Sinclair ZX Spectrum back to the designs of the British icon developer.

A picture gallery of an original from community member “ghecko” demonstrates the Sinclair ZX81 and its hardware in all facets. An 8-bit microprocessor of the type served as the basis Zilog Z80, which is binary compatible with the Intel 8080 was.

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    ComputerBase has already set a small memorial to Sir Clive Sinclair, who died on September 16, 2021 at the age of 81, with C: B_retro Ausgabe_77 . The British developer, whose company founded in 1962 Sinclair Research Built home computers is considered the absolute pioneer of home computers.

    In addition to home computers, Sinclair also developed portable televisions and, as early as 1985, the three-wheeled electric vehicle Sinclair C5 with 0.25 kW electric motor.

    The editors would like to thank the community members “Iotis” and “CaptainPicard” for pointing this out.

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