Saarland: Telekom wants to supply over 120,000 households with FTTH

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Saarland: Telekom wants to supply over 120,000 households with FTTH

Image: Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom wants to expand FTTH connections on a large scale in Saarland in order to come closer to the milestone it has set for itself of ten million fiber optic connections by the end of 2024. The development areas in Saarland are mainly in the cities of Saarbrücken, Homburg and Neunkirchen and in their surrounding areas.

The announcement was made today in front of the State Chancellery with Prime Minister Tobias Hans and Saarbrücken’s Lord Mayor Uwe Conradt as well as Srini Gopalan, Germany boss at Telekom, and Ferri Abolhassan, Sales & Service boss at Telekom.

By the end of 2028, more than 120,000 households and company locations in Saarland are to be supplied with direct fiber optic connections to the home (FTTH). At Telekom, this form of connection enables speeds of up to 1 Gbit / s in the downlink and up to 200 Mbit / s in the uplink and currently costs 80 euros per month. In the smaller FTTH tariff with 500/100 Mbit / s, the monthly price is 60 euros.

FTTH for all of Germany by 2030

The expansion in Saarland follows announcements for over two million FTTH connections in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Düsseldorf. At the same time, Telekom wants to implement over three million FTTH connections in rural areas. A first milestone envisages ten million households and companies in Germany by the end of 2024, and all households in Germany should be able to book FTTH by 2030.

Start in St. Johann, Malstatt and Eschberg

Specifically, the first connections are planned for the Saarland in the Saarbrücken districts of St. Johann, Malstatt and Eschberg in the coming year at the latest. Up to 15,000 households and company locations are to receive direct fiber optics throughout 2022. Telekom is relying on municipal support for the expansion. “Alternative laying methods such as construction at reduced depth, coordination in civil engineering, use of municipal conduits and simplified approval procedures – the more support we get on site, the faster we can lay even more fiber optics in Saarland“Said Srini Gopalan.

Telekom has its own Website for fiber optic expansion in Saarbrücken on which interested parties can obtain information from now on. The population in the fiber optic expansion areas should also be informed in good time by direct mail about the possibilities for network access.

Commissioning for house connection necessary

The network operator also reminds that the fiber optic connection does not come into houses and apartments by itself. Telekom places the fiber optics in the street or in the residential buildings, but an order is required for the last few meters into the houses or apartments. It says: “As soon as the order is accepted, Telekom contacts the owner of the residential property. Once the approval for the expansion has been given, Telekom Service will come personally to make a so-called on-site exploration. There, all those involved advise on where and how the lines can be laid in the property. Telekom can then begin expanding the property.“In the end, these connections were made at no additional cost to the customer.

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