Razer Huntsman V2: Quieter buttons and faster reaction for the update

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Razer Huntsman V2: Quieter buttons and faster reaction for the update

Image: Razer

Razer redesigns the Huntsman Elite mechanical keyboard (test). Version 2 primarily brings quieter buttons and faster response times on paper, which should be “almost” at zero. It also makes the keycaps more durable.

The Huntsman V2 is equipped with the current generation of optical buttons from Razer. They have silicone silencers that are designed to reduce impact noises. In addition, the amount of lubricant and the number of stabilizers were increased for the same reason.

The housing of the Huntsman has undergone further, unspecified measures to reduce noise. As a result, the pinging reverberation inherent to the Razer buttons is now said to have disappeared – this was previously a weak point of the company’s optical buttons, which made them less suitable for office use.

Players remain the target group

Despite these changes, gamers remain the actual target group of the Huntsman V2, as the rest of the feature set reveals. For this area of ​​application, the polling rate increases from 1,000 to 8,000 Hz. Since the use of opto-mechanical buttons also minimizes the debounce time, Razer speaks of “almost no latency” that is generated when a signal is transmitted. Tests have yet to prove to what extent a reduction in the 0.125 millisecond polling rate of conventional 1,000 Hz keyboards is even noticeable.

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    Razer Huntsman V2 (Image: Razer)

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    Also new for the Huntsman are improved keycaps. Instead of ABS, PBT plastic with double-shot lettering is now being used, which has long appeared to be the more appropriate solution in the luxury segment.

    Otherwise, the equipment and design remain untouched. The Huntsman V2 also has RGB backlighting, four media buttons and a digital rotary control. A leatherette palm rest is also part of the equipment, as is an onboard memory. Buttons and lighting can be configured using the Synapse 3 software.

    Prices up to 200 euros

    The Huntsman V2 is now available from selected dealers and direct sales through the Razer webshop. The recommended price of the full-size model is around 200 euros, without a number pad it is just under 160 euros, with the purple button being installed in each case. A surcharge of 10 euros is due for linear red switches.

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