Professional NM800: Lexar’s new SSD spearhead with 7,400 MB / s over PCIe 4.0

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Professional NM800: Lexar's new SSD spearhead with 7,400 MB / s over PCIe 4.0

Image: Lexar

With the Professional NM800, Lexar is launching its fastest SSD to date. The M.2 SSD uses PCIe 4.0 x4 for transfer rates of up to 7,400 MB / s for reading and 5,800 MB / s for writing. The values ​​apply to the model with 1 TB of storage space. The version with 512 GB is slower.

Lexar NM800 moves to PCIe 4.0

It was high time to change the interface at the top of Lexar’s SSD portfolio, because the Professional NM700, which was introduced in May 2020, almost reaches the limit of PCIe 3.0 x4 with 3,500 MB / s. The new Professional NM800, on the other hand, uses PCIe 4.0 x4 with twice the data rate. According to the manufacturer’s internal tests, the NM800 achieves 7,400 MB / s, which is more than double the read speed of the NM700. The up to 5,800 MB / s for sequential writing also only applies to the model with 1 TB of storage space. The NM800 with 512 GB is a good deal slower with a maximum of 7,000 / 3,000 MB / s when reading / writing. There are also significant differences in performance when it comes to random read / write: The 1 TB model should achieve 400,000 / 750,000 IOPS and the 512 GB model only 200,000 / 550,000 IOPS.

12 nm controller and 3D TLC NAND

Lexar does not name the controller, but it should be manufactured in 12 nm, support NVMe 1.4 and use LDPC error correction. The properties and the extremely high read throughput speak in favor of an SSD controller of the Phison E18 or Innogrit Rainier type. ComputerBase has asked Lexar and will provide the answer at this point. The NAND flash memory is, according to Lexar, 3D TLC NAND; a manufacturer is not named.

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    Lexar Professional NM800 SSD (Image: Lexar)

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    The Total Bytes Written (TBW) is 250 TB for the 512 GB model and 500 TB for the 1 TB model. That is not a lot, especially for an SSD series with “professional” standards. A Samsung 980 Pro (test), for example, offers TBW limits of 300 TB and 600 TB in the variants with the same storage capacity. With the new Seagate FireCuda 530 (test) it is even 640 TB and 1,275 TB. If the TBW is not reached beforehand, the guarantee period is the usual 5 years. The type sticker should also serve as a thermal pad.

    Prices and availability

    Lexar wants to address creative users as well as gamers with the Professional NM800, which will be available this month at prices (RRP) of 109 euros (512 GB) and 219 euros (1 TB).

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