Paradox Interactive: Unions allege discrimination

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Paradox Interactive: Unions allege discrimination

Image: Paradox Interactive

Reports of bad conditions at major game publishers are ongoing. An employee survey carried out by the trade unions at the strategy game expert Paradox Interactive indicates significant grievances. Almost half of the respondents were not treated correctly.

Almost half of the respondents are suing

This is the result of an employee survey of the Swedish trade unions that was only ended in August Unions and Sveriges Ingenjörer firmly, reports the website Breakit. 133 of the company’s 400 or so employees in Sweden were interviewed. 44 percent of all respondents said they had been treated wrongly or badly.

However, there are clear differences between the sexes. While 33 percent of the respondents expressed themselves accordingly for men, it was 69 percent for women. Women made up around a quarter of all participants. Bullying and discrimination based on gender are named as the primary problem.

An employee at Paradox anonymously stated, however, that the circumstance as such was not a surprise – the industry does not have a good reputation in this regard – but the extent of it is. The bad treatment of employees is “a systematic and far too common problem“So it is said on the part of the trade unions. Employees also reported a “culture of silence” in which perpetrators were protected at management level. Problems have not been solved satisfactorily, report employees.

CEO has already left

Paradox CEO Ebba Ljungerud has already left the company. According to the official interpretation, this happened at his own request through differences in strategic direction. This open declaration can, however, under certain circumstances also relate to the planned crisis management; a direct connection with the result of the survey, about which the management of Paradox was informed in advance, is denied by Paradox.

Paradox himself names the results of the survey in a statement that is available to Kotaku, among others, “deeply worrying“. An independent company should now implement the procedures for reporting and processing cases of “Discrimination and Harassment” check. In addition, a comprehensive survey should create a clear database.

The allegations once again cast a bad light on the working conditions and the values ​​of the industry. Paradox is in good company here: Blizzard has to answer for similar problems in court, while the subject has been boiling up again and again at Ubisoft for months because employees do not see any real change.

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