Nintendo Switch: Audio output via Bluetooth comes with firmware 13.0.0

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Nintendo Switch: Audio output via Bluetooth comes with firmware 13.0.0

With the firmware update to version 13.0.0, Nintendo has given the Nintendo Switch a function that has long been requested by many: the coupling of Bluetooth speakers for sound output. After more than four years, Bluetooth headphones can now be used on the switch, albeit not entirely without restrictions.

Bluetooth audio restricts controllers

in the Support area on your own website Nintendo goes into more detail about the new function. Accordingly, if the audio output is via Bluetooth, a maximum of two wireless controllers can be connected to the switch – a set of Joy-Con controllers already counts as two wireless controllers. Additional wireless controllers cannot be connected until the connection to the Bluetooth headphones is disconnected. If a wireless, local multiplayer connection is started, the Bluetooth audio connection is also automatically interrupted.

Bluetooth audio with the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth audio with the Nintendo Switch (Image: Nintendo)

In addition, only one Bluetooth audio device can be connected, and its microphones cannot be used. However, the switch remembers up to ten connected Bluetooth devices in order to automatically establish a connection to them. To pair headphones or speakers via Bluetooth, you have to search for them in the system settings under the new menu item “Bluetooth Audio”.

Downloads from now on also in idle mode

Nintendo has also made changes to the Switch’s sleep mode so that it can do more in the background. From now on, the Nintendo Switch can also have the Internet connection activated via LAN in the background in idle mode and carry out downloads that may otherwise only be started when the console is switched on and may delay the start of the game. The function can be switched on and off in the settings for idle mode under “Maintain Internet connection in idle mode”; it is switched on at the factory. If it is deactivated, the switch only occasionally connects to the Internet, which delays downloads but, conversely, reduces power consumption.

Extended standby mode Extended standby mode (Image: Nintendo)

In the release notes Nintendo also states that the update also adds the option to update the firmware of the new dock with LAN connection of the Nintendo Switch OLED. Since this is also compatible with the current Nintendo Switch, the update of the dock can be started from both the Switch and Switch OLED – but not the Switch Lite, which does not fit into any dock.

The editorial team thanks community member “Teemu” for pointing this out.

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