Netflix: A completely free offer launched in Kenya on Android smartphones

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Faced with growing and increasingly threatening competition in the video streaming market, Netflix is ​​innovating to maintain its leadership position. The company recently announced the launch of a brand new, completely free offer.

Save your enthusiasm, the new offer is currently only available in Kenya, reports Lemon Juicer. It “allows people to enjoy Netflix ad-free on Android mobile phones,” explains Cathy Conk, director of innovation at Netflix. “When you register, no payment information is required. “

Attract new subscribers

The free offer only gives access to a quarter of the Netflix catalog. The “offline” mode, which allows you to download content for later viewing, is also inaccessible. The rest of the options, like personalized recommendations, parental controls and profiles, are available, precise Phonandroid.

Netflix, which recently increased its prices in France, wishes to attract more subscribers by offering a preview of its catalog for free to Internet users. Like Spotify, which also offers a limited free offer, the streaming giant hopes to attract Kenyans and then switch them to a paid subscription.

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