MechWarrior 5: DLC complements a real story campaign

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MechWarrior 5: DLC complements a real story campaign

Image: Piranha Games

One of the biggest criticisms of MechWarrior 5 was the limited range of missions and the lack of a real campaign in favor of procedurally generated missions. Legend of the Kestrel Lancers, the second DLC for the mech shooter, will address these shortcomings in September.

The biggest innovation is a linear story campaign that the developers set up during the 4th successor war of the Battletech universe. It should include 14 missions with unique mechanics, dialogues and film sequences.

More variety for all campaigns

In addition, there are megacities as new theaters of war, which also expand the procedural missions by five new variants with new mission objectives. Jungle and another desert variant complement the selection of mission environments. For the first time, players can enter the interior of a mech factory with their mech and fight there. Seven new quest lines also led to major new battles with ‘Mechs. These additions add variety to the game’s mercenary campaign. What does not exist are new ruffs. The DLC only contains 23 new variants of known machines.

A patch called “Mech Switching” will be available free of charge for all owners. At the push of a button, any runner in your squad can be controlled, which both creates more variety and is a solution for the failures of the not always intelligent AI. In addition, the developers are also installing close combat mechanics, thanks to which mechs are allowed to fight each other for the first time in the game series. Updates of this kind as well as DLCs have ensured that the initially mixed impression of the game has meanwhile given way to a positive one, according to Steam reviews.

Playable in six days

The DLC will be released in parallel to the new PlayStation version of the “Mech simulation” on September 23, 2021 for all platforms. The developers have not yet revealed how expensive the extension will be, a price has not been entered on the shop pages.

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