Low write rate: The problem of the SN850 SSD returns with the SN750

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Low write rate: The problem of the SN850 SSD returns with the SN750

Image: WD

Western Digital had actually fixed the problem with the low write rate of the SN850 SSD on the X570 chipset slot. But newer revisions need a firmware update again. This also applies to younger versions of the SN750 SSD, but there is still no solution.

The problem has been resolved with the SN850

In June, readers made the editorial staff aware of a problem with the WD Black SN850 NVMe SSD. If the SSD was in an M.2 slot that was connected to the X570 chipset and not directly to the Ryzen CPU, the SN850 with 1 TB lost around 40 percent performance in sequential writing. In CrystalDiskMark, only 3,200 MB / s were achieved instead of over 5,200 MB / s. Other SSDs only lost 10 percent of their performance in the counter test.

After ComputerBase made Western Digital aware of this, the problem was confirmed and a firmware update was promised. The corrected firmware 613200WD appeared in July and brought relief.

However, newer versions of the SN850 are now in circulation that require another update despite the higher revision number of the firmware. This applies, for example, to variants with the firmware 614300WD or 614600WD. Here users have to manually access the version using the WD Dashboard tool 614900WD update to prevent the performance drop in the chipset slot.

The error reappears on the SN750

The older WD Black SN750 has so far been spared this problem, but that has now changed, as ComputerBase learned from a Chinese YouTuber. In his writing as well in a video he points out that newer versions of the SN750 with a production date in June 2021 and the firmware 111130WD also lose a massive amount of performance if they are operated on the chipset slot (X570 or B550): Instead of 3,100 MB / s, only 1,100 MB / s are achieved with sequential writing. That will also be in Chinese forums reported.

The new version of the SN750 loses performance in the chipset slot The new version of the SN750 loses performance in the chipset slot (picture: 潮 玩 客 (YouTube))

For older revisions with firmware 111110WD However, if there was no such drop in performance – otherwise this would have long been known anyway.

No update for the “new” SN750 yet

As a result, owners of an older SN750 can sit back and relax. But those who have a newer model with firmware in the last few months 111130WD have to expect a lower write rate in the M.2 slot on the chipset. Because so far there is no update for solving the well-known problem.

ComputerBase asked Western Digital whether there would be a corresponding update for the SN750 as well.

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