Knights of the Old Republic: Star Wars Classic is being created from the ground up

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Knights of the Old Republic: Star Wars Classic is being created from the ground up

Image: Aspyr

The rumors are true: Aspyr is working on a complete remake of a BioWare classic. After porting numerous other hits from the legendary RPG studio, the developers can now let off steam on a larger scale and create Knights of the Old Republic from scratch. However, information is still scarce.

A first teaser only shows the dark Sith antagonist, but is not even based on in-game material. The scope of the work is already clearly outlined: The new edition will be “thoroughly“Is newly created and is”modern technology, graphics, features and more“Implemented,”without changing the integrity of the story and the characters we have come to love so much“. As is usual with remakes, freedoms for modernization are used, the original provides the framework for it.

It is currently unclear whether the remake bundles the story of the first and second part, as was previously heard from the rumor mill. Putting the entire story arc into one game and recreating shortened passages of the second part, which was developed with massive time pressure, sounds appealing, but there are no indications of this in the announcement. In view of the partly unfinished nature of KOTOR 2, it would make more sense anyway to gain experience with a game that is well-rounded in terms of content.

Expertise is available

The developers try to make it particularly clear that not just anyone is editing the classic, which is remembered as one of the best games of all time. Aspyr himself has already brought numerous Star Wars classics from the turn of the millennium to modern platforms, including Star Wars Jedi Knight II and Jedi Academy, Star Wars: Republic Commando and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Additionally, members of the original BioWare team are on the studio’s payroll.

It is not expected to appear anytime soon. Aspyr warns that the project is still at an early stage. The game will then be played exclusively on the PlayStation 5 and the PC, and Xbox owners will have to be patient for a longer period of time.

The editors would like to thank the ComputerBase reader “-Stealth-” for pointing out this message!

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