“Kavval”, the search engine to find the best running events

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After the frantic little race of this back-to-school period, it’s also time to put on our sneakers. So to motivate yourself to (re) start the jogging, why not pass the course by going to get a bib when registering for a race?

Born a few months ago, the website Kavval offers a growing list of events for runners in France. And the Île-de-France region is no exception. The eight departments that make it up “are teeming with little-known places and therefore running spots to discover”, underlines the search engine.

Arnaud Didry, Benoît Grassigny and Hugo Charrier are its three co-founders. It was during the first confinement that they clicked. “We started from a simple observation, it is the one that today, when I look for a race, I have trouble finding”, abounds Benoît Grassigny. A frustration that he used, with his two friends in their thirties, to imagine the more than 60 themes available for research. “Seaside, in town, in the mountains, relay, white trail or even urban trail…” The themes are there to find the ideal outing in just a few clicks.

Motivate Sunday runners

“It’s still crazy that for the most practiced sport, it’s always difficult to find happiness … We, we felt this difficulty”, specifies the entrepreneur. “There are a lot of people who run but who don’t go shopping. In France, there is between 10 and 15 million runners. It is the most practiced sport and for all that, there are only 2 to 3 million people who go to buy a bib each year. “

Trying to understand why they were proportionately so few, Kavval’s team saw a simple practical problem. “When you ask running enthusiasts, the observation is that it is difficult to find a race, as well as content that is both accessible and in a way also a little reassuring. It can be hard to take the plunge and get started. “

The platform aims to appeal to the greatest endurance enthusiasts at the same time. Experts from marathons to ultra-trails, as well as runners on more modest outings in search of one or two small challenges like a 10 km. Ultimately, the site wishes to develop new functionalities such as the reservation of bibs directly on the site as well as the implementation of preparation advice and choice of races based on the performance of the runners, in connection for example with the data of the application of running

Showcase the territories

The ambition of the platform is also to highlight the places of sporting events. The small Kavval team writes all the content themselves. It highlights what is possible “to do and see before, during and after your race: culture, gastronomy, landscapes…”. Benoît and his associates also hope to allow athletes accustomed to certain major events that they dare to learn about new spots – more confidential or not – and why not elsewhere than in their region of residence.

“It is still a sport that in essence reconnects a lot, even with city races, with its environment and nature… It allows you to rediscover regions,” enthuses Benoît Grassigny.

A wide choice in Île-de-France

At the moment, 29 races are listed in Île-de-France with more than 1,143 kilometers of referenced routes, with, among others: the 20 kilometers from Paris, the Ecotrail de Paris, via the Odysséa Paris, or the Bois de Vincennes half-marathon. All kinds of events accessible to all levels are listed on
Kavval. All you have to do is put on the sneakers and start the preparation… At the pace.

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