iOS 15 and iPhone 13 Cause CarPlay Crashes

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IOS 15 and iPhone 13 have arrived on the shelf of known issues. MacRumors has drawn attention to many complaints in Apple support, Twitter and forums from owners of cars with CarPlay systems.

Users have reported that the new iPhone 13 series smartphones are causing CarPlay to malfunction. According to users, trying to play music from any CarPlay app crashes the system. That being said, CarPlay works great when using older iPhones.

Here’s one of the fairly standard reviews:

Upgraded my iPhone 11 to iOS 15, went to the store with no problem with Carplay. While there, I activated my new iPhone 13 mini (and disabled the iPhone 11) and now Carplay is not working. Attempting to play any music will crash and stop working. Disconnected and reconnected the phone, turned the phone off and on again several times, reset the stereo / display settings, tried a new cable, nothing works. Now I drive in silence, and it’s sad. “

Other users have reported that the issue persists with both wired and wireless connections. Most complaints are about the new iPhone 13 smartphones, but there are also reports of crashes after upgrading to iOS 15. Here’s another tip:

I had an iPhone 12 running iOS 15 and everything worked fine and gorgeous. I have upgraded to iPhone 13 and now music is not playing with CarPlay when I launch Spotify or Apple Music. I have a 2018 Audi and I am using Lighting to connect to CarPlay. When I click on a song in Spotify or Apple Music, the CarPlay app closes. CarPlay works and does not turn off when using Google Maps or Apple Podcasts. But as soon as I click on a song, Apple CarPlay just turns off. “

According to one of the users, Apple support confirmed to him that this is a widespread problem that can be fixed in the next iOS update.

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