Intel Xeon E-2300: For small servers there is ECC-RAM and SGX on LGA 1200

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Intel Xeon E-2300: For small servers there is ECC-RAM and SGX on LGA 1200

Image: Intel

Rocket Lake-E is the name of the decoupling of Intel’s CPU family for the new Xeon E-2300. These processors are almost desktop copies, but with small refinements. The CPUs are optionally available with or without an active graphics unit, plus the very official support of ECC memory and Intel SGX.

Rocket Lake with all possibilities

In this way, the Xeon E-2300 should once again do the balancing act with the large server processors by offering certain features of these CPUs already here, and so they differ from the normal desktop solutions in the same socket for Rocket Lake-S . As usual, this is first and foremost the very official and widely offered support for ECC memory according to the DDR4-3200 standard, which is supported across all ten announced processors up to a maximum expansion of 128 GB.

Choice of graphics and SMT

In contrast to the classic desktop, however, Intel has its finger on the TDP. The Xeon E-2300 does not have a 125-watt variant, but the CPUs can again provide up to 5.1 GHz with a maximum of 95 watts on individual cores. With full load and AVX-512 on all cores, the base clock should, as usual, be the reference here as well. In addition to CPUs with active graphics, there are some without, and there are also models in which SMT, alias Intel Hyper-Threading, is deactivated at the factory.

Intel Xeon E-2300 in ten models Intel Xeon E-2300 in ten models (Image: Intel)

Intel SGX is now entering this segment again. Recently heavily advertised as the big Xeon at the Ice Lake-SP, Intel wants to establish the security feature, which has often come under fire, in the latest expansion stage in this market environment. This could be of particular interest in terms of price for certain branches of the company, because it starts at $ 182 for the smallest quad-core solution.

New platform means new mainboards

Nevertheless, a completely new platform, code name Tatlow, is needed for the Xeon E-2300, because the LGA 1200 socket and the adjustments to the architecture of Rocket Lake including 20 PCIe Gen4 lanes require this. The chipset used is the Intel C252 or C256, which is more or less a W580 chipset that Intel already has in its portfolio for the workstation offshoots. The naming is based solely on the predecessor C240, but suggests major differences to the 500 chipsets of the other CPUs, which do not exist. Numerous mainboard manufacturers have announced their mainboards at the same time, so that the product launch can take place quickly.

  • Intel Xeon E-2300 block diagram

    Intel Xeon E-2300 block diagram (Image: Intel)

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