Instagram, TikTok … More than one in four influencers conceal their business partnerships

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When ethics have no influence … More than a quarter (26.6%) of content creators on social networks are careful not to clearly identify their publications sponsored by brands. This is the finding established by the Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority (ARPP) which
publish a report on the subject this Monday.

Among the some 30,000 content and 7,000 influencers scrutinized via platforms for connecting creators and advertisers, “73.4% of publications present at least one initial identification, of which 32.2% can be improved in terms of clarity. or immediacy, ”adds the structure in its press release.

A “certificate of responsible influence”

The regulator recommends the explicit identification of partnerships via clear keywords (#partenariat, #sponsoring) or a visual or audio indication at the beginning of the content, and not only in the textual description of the videos.

The ARPP is also launching the “responsible influence certificate”, an educational guide intended for influencers to teach them the legal and ethical rules during their interactions with brands, associated with examples.
“The lack of transparency is more the result of influencers with a small audience” and “the more the influencers become more professional, the more ethics are respected”, explains the ARPP, which completes the second edition of its Responsible Influence Observatory. However, shortcomings were identified in 12.6% of creators with more than one million subscribers, according to the study.

However, they risk up to 2 years imprisonment and up to 300,000 euros in fines for deceptive commercial practice. In some cases, the advertisements presented are also illegal, because they relate to products or services whose promotion is prohibited in France (electronic cigarettes, casinos, cosmetic surgery).

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