HP 14: Notebook with Qualcomm “8 core” SoC, 4G and Windows 11

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A Qualcomm chip as CPU and GPU, 4G support and 15 hours of battery life has never been available from HP in the 14-inch class – until today. In the new notebook, which is simply called “HP 14”, this combination with Windows 11 as the operating system will be available from October.

Qualcomm instead of Intel or AMD

Large OEMs are usually cumbersome when it comes to adapting entirely new technologies. And so an HP notebook with a different processor than Intel and, most recently, AMD, which previously received little attention for many years, is still a small sensation.

HP 14 HP 14 (Image: HP)

With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2, the improved version of the first notebook SoC for the budget device class, the Snapdragon 7c, presented in spring this year, is used. HP advertises the solution in marketing as an “8-core chip”, which is only mathematically correct. Because it is a 2 + 6 core design with the six small Cortex-A55 (Kryo 468 Silver) and two cores of the Cortex-A76 type (Kryo 468 Gold). Theoretically, these clock at up to 2.55 GHz, HP operates them at 2.4 GHz according to the data sheet.

The SoC is combined with RAM of the type LPDDR4x-4266, HP soldered 8 GB on the motherboard, which cannot be expanded. The GPU Adreno 618 is part of the party, the Snapdragon X15 modem for LTE is still part of the Snapdragon 7c Gen2 platform. HP only offers this as an option, but WLAN-ac and Bluetooth 5 are always available.

Full HD on 14 inches

A full HD IPS display can be found in the 14-inch housing, the screen-to-body ratio is just under 84 percent. With just 250 nits and 45 percent NTSC coverage, the display shows that it is an inexpensive touch solution.

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    HP 14 (Image: HP)

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    Some savings have also been made on the mass storage device, only 128 GB are available as an eMMC solution. A microSD card reader can be used for external data carriers in addition to connections via double USB-A and one USB-C, but all of them only with 5 Gbps. A headphone jack completes the package.

    Up to 15 hours of battery life

    In the presentation to the press beforehand, HP advertised the notebook with a runtime of up to 15 hours. In the data sheets that were made available shortly before the NDA case, it suddenly said 11 hours and 30 minutes as the maximum for Full HD video playback, which allegedly the presentation previously referred to with exactly the same conditions. What the 32-Whr battery can ultimately do in everyday life will probably only show the test, especially since HP also states 8.5 hours of battery life for wireless streaming. The battery can be charged to 50 percent within 30 minutes via the USB-C port.

    The HP 14 will first be sold in the US in October in Walmart stores in the colors white, silver and gold. October 5th is specified as the start of advertising for the newcomer – this is exactly where Windows 11 can also be preinstalled on the devices in stores. The company was unable to reveal a price in advance. It is also currently unclear when other markets will be targeted locally and worldwide, since the German press release does not even mention it, the chances in this country are probably rather poor.

    ComputerBase received information about this article from HP under NDA. The only requirement was the earliest possible publication time.

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