Horizon Fobidden West: Free PS5 Upgrade will be the last

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Horizon Fobidden West: Free PS5 Upgrade will be the last

Image: Sony

A free upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version is offered for Horizon Fobidden West. It will be the last of its kind. For all subsequent games from Sony, money will be charged for switching to the prettier next-gen version.

Sony is rowing backwards: In the past week, gamers were shown numerous versions of the game to pre-order, but only a paid upgrade option. As with Call of Duty last time, this was revealed indirectly: Both versions of the game should first be part of the “cross-gen Digital Deluxe Edition”.

One is “missed the target“, Writes Sony now. The company will stick to its promise to provide all cross-gen launch titles of the PlayStation 5 with free next-gen upgrades. Horizon Fobidden West, the successor to the sci-fi adventure Horizon Zero Dawn (test), which is now also available on the PC, should actually be available at the start of the new console, but could not keep the date due to the pandemic.

Now is the end of free

At the same time, Sony CEO Jim Ryan also emphasizes that the end of free upgrades has now been reached – this was already indicated by the revised version of Ghost of Tsushuima. Future cross-gen games from Sony will charge around $ 10 to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version. Among other things, the upcoming God of War, but also Gran Turismo 7 are affected.

Letting go of free upgrades after the establishment of a new console, as a pure start-up aid, has a financial background. The former PlayStation boss Shawn Layden recently put the cost of the last blockbusters for the PlayStation 4 at around 100 million US dollars. These budgets are expected to double for the PlayStation 5 and then continue to grow, reports Bloomberg. This can be responded to by increasing the target group or minimizing risk by continuing popular games with big names.

Another option is to increase prices. While they were never specifically announced, they have slowly seeped into the market. The situation is different only at Microsoft: Since there is not only games or no single platform sold, but Xbox as a brand, next-gen upgrades are offered there free of charge, at least for in-house productions.

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