Homey Bridge: Smart Home with 6 standards now for 69 instead of 399 euros

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Homey is moving its own smart home to the cloud. Since the Homey Pro smart home system requires an expensive entry-level solution at 399 euros, but the fast hardware is unused most of the time, the new Homey Bridge relies on a cloud connection and costs only 69 euros.

The Homey software, via which smart home devices from numerous manufacturers can be connected and communicate with each other, runs on the Homey Bridge instead of on the local hardware in the cloud, as the fast hardware of a Homey Pro, which makes it so expensive, is included most users do not use it at all 99 percent of the time. The cheaper Homey Bridge only serves as a link that provides the antennas for the different smart home standards and thus connects the local devices to the cloud.

WLAN, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, 433 MHz and infrared

Homey Bridge supports six different standards for addressing smart home devices. In addition to Z-Wave, for which antennas for the European and Asian versions of the standard are installed, Zigbee, Bluetooth LE, WLAN (802.11ax), 433 MHz and infrared are also supported. Depending on the region in which the Homey Bridge is used, the appropriate Z-Wave frequency is selected and 433 MHz activated or deactivated according to local permission. Both can be used in Germany. The infrared LED should be so powerful that it can easily address all devices in the room via infrared. The system supports direct communication with end devices from numerous manufacturers via these wireless standards – Homey speaks of more than 50,000 devices from over 1,000 manufacturers.

The Homey Bridge is supplied with power via micro-USB – it is surprising that it is not set to USB-C.

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    Homey Bridge (Image: Athom)

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    Available from today for 69 euros

    The Homey Bridge can now can be ordered via Homey for 69 euros and should also be delivered immediately. It will also be available shortly from retailers such as Amazon and MediaMarkt. Three months of Homey Premium are included with the purchase.

    Homey software is free in the cloud

    Homey is now free, so that all existing devices connected to the cloud can be connected even without hardware. If you want to add local devices, for example via Zigbee or Z-Wave, the Homey Bridge can be purchased. The beta of the cloud software starts today, for those interested in https://homey.app/beta/ can register. However, Homey does not activate all users immediately, but informs everyone as soon as they are allowed to participate in the beta.

  • Homey Bridge

    Homey Bridge (Image: Athom)

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    Homey Premium lifts restrictions

    But Homey Free is limited to five devices. If you want to connect more than five devices and also have further insights and options, Homey Premium can be purchased for 2.99 euros, which removes the limit of five devices and also offers Homey Insights and Homey Logics.

    Developers who want to develop their apps for the Homey Cloud will in future have to purchase developer access for 99 euros per year, which assures Homey support in the development of the apps and the right to publish apps for the cloud. This was and is not necessary for the apps for Homey Pro.

    Homey Pro for local control remains available

    Homey Pro will continue to be available for 399 euros alongside the new Homey Bridge. In the future, software development will take place in parallel for both platforms and new functions should always be available on both channels at the same time, since both systems share the same code base.

    Differences between Homey (Bridge) and Homey Pro Differences between Homey (Bridge) and Homey Pro (Image: Athom)

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