Haute-Garonne: And here is the last virus killer mask made in Occitanie

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A mask with superpowers. Because in addition to protecting the wearer, the new biocidal mask of the company Paul-Boyé Technologies, located south of Toulouse, has the ability to destroy viruses, including the one that knocked the planet down. over the past year.

Called BioX®, the latest addition from one of the largest French manufacturers has been the subject of several years of research before being recently validated by the P4 laboratory of the Directorate-General for Armaments. Launched more than ten years ago, the initial idea was to guard against biological terrorist attacks, in particular with anthrax. Logically, the toxicologist at the head of the company’s research and development team made sure that he also destroyed the Covid-19.

Permanent self-decontamination

After one hour it allows a viral reduction of 99% thanks to an active principle which breaks the cell membrane of SARS-Cov2. “It is permanently self-decontaminated, which is important because we know that many individuals do not properly handle the mask, and the hands are one of the vectors. There the virus is trapped and destroyed ”, assures Jacques Boyé, the CEO of the company which employs 280 employees in France, including a hundred on its production lines of masks in Labarthe-sur-Lèze.

While the idea of ​​having maximum protection for users was the guiding principle, the manufacturer also wanted to ensure the safety of its product for users. History of not seeing its biocidal mask withdrawn from the market as was the case recently last June for those containing graphene, now prohibited.

“It’s years of development, it didn’t happen in eight days, we wanted it to be safe for those who wear it. We did not rush and that is why it is only coming out now, ”insists Jacques Boyé, whose company has produced more than 60 million FFP2 and surgical masks since the start of the health crisis.

To validate the industrial process, the Ministry of Health has already purchased a series of one million FFP2 biocidal masks. Even if the time has come to remove it outside, the company hopes that its virus-killer mask made in Occitanie will resonate with individuals looking for maximum security. For this they will have to pay 18 euros for 50 BioX® masks for their surgical version and 59 euros for the FFP2 version.

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