Google TV could soon offer free channels on its interface

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Google TV, available with Chromecast and certain connected televisions, could soon be enriched with a new service. The American giant would soon like to allow viewers to access free channels on its interface, according to information from Protocol, relayed by Phonandroid. The objective: to offer free alternatives for users who do not wish to subscribe to a video on demand platform.

This service would be added to everything that is already available, namely the various SVOD applications: Netflix, Disney + or even Mycanal. According to Protocol, Google has for the moment started negotiations with various companies specializing in offers called “FAST” for “free, ad-supported streaming television”. Include operators of ad-powered free streaming TV channels.

A launch this fall or early 2022

Google should not limit itself to offering these new channels only through the Chomecast but would count on the support of suppliers such as Sony and TCL. These free channels could thus be accessible on Google TV via a dedicated live menu. Users would therefore be able to simply navigate from one channel to another with the remote control. These free channels operate like conventional televisions, with a program schedule and skin.

They would be financed by advertising cuts and watermarks on the screen, like pay channels. The launch of this new service could take place as early as this fall. But Google could also delay the arrival of free channels at the beginning of the year 2022. For now, it is not known whether these channels will only be accessible in certain countries or if they will be accessible to all users. It was not specified either if they will be only in English or if other languages ​​will also be available.

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