Google: A dark mode arrives on the search engine

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Google Search, the search engine of the Web giant, will offer a dark mode. The feature, which allows you to rest your eyes with a black wallpaper, has been in testing with a small group of users since last February, reports 01Net.

It will be possible to activate it on Google Chrome of course, but also on other browsers like Firefox or Edge.

Under deployment

As specified Phonandroid, this Dark mode is being deployed and not everyone has access to it yet. Users will be able to access the feature within a few days to a few weeks.

To activate it, it will be necessary to click on the “parameters” tab in the horizontal bar at the bottom of the Google Search page. You will then have to open “search settings” and an “Appearance” option should be available to choose the dark theme, the light theme, or to set up a default theme for the device. Then just click on “save” to validate your choice.

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