Explore, video, fast chat … Tinder changes everything to appeal to young people

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Tinder spends the second to seduce young people with lots of new things. The dating app looks for new ways to create a meeting and deviates from the model that made it famous: the swipe. With Explore, Tinder wants to focus on entertainment, a little on the model of Swipe Night who imagined meetings around the viewing of a fiction.

We will be able to meet people according to our interests. “For example, if you are looking for a ‘+1’ for a wedding, you go to Explore to find someone, or if you are looking for dog lovers or entrepreneurs,” explains Tinder.

The return of annoying exchanges?

We are not in the “ass plan” but in the pure and hard meeting, whether it is friendly, in love or “casual”. Tinder therefore switches to a very social media where we focus on areas of interest but the app does not stop there. To appeal to 18-25 year olds, who represent 50% of members, it is expanding its video functionality in France. We can now put a video in his bio to give more body to our profile.

Last novelty, the Fast Chat will allow you to talk to each other for a minute without having matched beforehand. A random system puts members facing the same set of questions in a timed period, and based on the answers, each member decides to continue and match or move on. These Fast Chat also mark the return of a form of violence that did not exist on Tinder. If there is no match after this quick chat, the user will know that their interlocutor did not like it. A little annoying …

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