Epic vs. Apple: Apple refuses to return Fortnite to the App Store

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Epic vs. Apple: Apple refuses to return Fortnite to the App Store

Image: Epic

Fortnite is not said to return to Apple’s App Store until the litigation with Epic Games is over. That emerges from a letter from Apple that Epic CEO Tim Sweeney posted on Twitter. However, it can take up to five years for the court proceedings to be completed.

Fortnite was removed because Epic wanted to bypass Apple’s payment system around a year ago in order to save the anti-competitive commission of up to 30 percent according to the developer. The result was the ongoing legal process, which recently received an initial verdict. In this Apple was obliged to give the app developers a reference to alternative payment methods. At the same time, the judge also confirmed that Epic had violated Apple’s guidelines. So Apple was not obliged to add Fortnite back to the App Store.

Apple refuses to return

According to another from Sweeney published letter After the verdict, Epic asked Apple to reactivate the developer account on iOS in order to be able to offer Fortnite again in the App Store as soon as possible. Epic therefore assured that it would comply with the requirements in the future. It was the request that Apple declined with the letter published by Sweeney.

Accordingly, Apple refers to Sweeney’s public statements shortly after the verdict. For example, he had announced that Fortnite would only return to the App Store when the payment systems were equal. Apple is now using these statements to justify the continued exclusion of Epic.

So it says in the letter: “In light of these and other statements since the court ruling, as well as Epic’s dubious past behavior, Apple is using its discretion not to re-establish Epic’s developer program account at this point in time.“Apple does not want to examine further inquiries until the judgment is final. And that could take up to five years, according to Sweeny. Fortnite would be left out for that long.

Renewed criticism of Apple’s approach

Sweeny criticizes the current decision again. on Twitter Among other things, he explains that Fortnite should not be on a blacklist because a regulation was challenged that a court classified as illegal. This refers to the reference to alternative payment methods. Sweeny announces that Epic will keep fighting. According to media reports, Apple did not want to comment on the process.

Epic has already announced that it will appeal the latest ruling. Apple is still examining the corresponding option.

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