eFootball: Konami’s attack on FIFA crashes

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eFootball: Konami's attack on FIFA crashes

Image: Konami

Pro Evolution Soccer is now called eFootball. The restart announced with the renaming leads the series to sideline, players give the red card. Just under 8 percent of around 7,500 reviews on Steam are still positive.

Actually, eFootball should be the big hit and a game for almost all platforms, which is also established as a permanent service platform. For this purpose, a free-to-play model and seasonal updates instead of annual new editions were chosen as the basic concepts, and the eSport orientation based on this has the game in its name, so to speak.

However, neither this change of concept nor, as would be assumed, aggressive monetization or “review bombing” due to other circumstances are the cause of the poor ratings. Instead, everything else is criticized. In Steam reviews, confusing menus, graphic errors and the graphic quality are also listed as points of criticism, but it is primarily gameplay, controls, AI and the small size that are denounced.

Only 8 percent of all ratings for eFootball 2022 are positive Only 8 percent of all ratings for eFootball 2022 are positive (Image: Steam)

In many areas, eFootball no longer feels like Pro Evolution Soccer, but is greatly simplified and more like FIFA and overall a “step backwards on an unprecedented scale”. A comparison with a mobile game is also drawn, which seems plausible in view of the iOS and Android versions. Ball physics and player behavior are also incomprehensible and feel worse than their predecessors. In numerous reviews, sarcasm is used, the game is called “eMobile 2022” or Konami is thanked for “the good joke”. Basically, it can be read quite often that eFootball is “nothing more than a bad tech demo” in its current state.

Just not done

The only training mode offered is a video, eFootball 2022 currently only allows online games against foreign players, but not specifically against friends. Single player modes are also missing, most of the menu items remain grayed out. How unfinished the game is is made clear by the fact that even the Ultimate Team game modes are not yet available – although the potential cash cow is actually preferably completed. In view of these findings and evaluations, there is much to suggest that eFootball was released far too early as the supposedly final version, even for a live service game, which often still has room for maneuver in terms of scope and quality standards when first published. It is unlikely to be a FIFA competitor this year.

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