Denon AVS-3 & Marantz VS3003: 8K HDMI switches with three inputs for 199 euros

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At the time of the presentation of the adapter SPK618 from Denon and Marantz to tackle the HDMI 2.1 problem, it became apparent that both companies will soon be announcing an 8K HDMI switch with three inputs. Today Denon AVS-3 and Marantz VS3003 were introduced for 199 euros each.

Three 8K HDMI inputs and one 8K HDMI output

The Denon AVS-3 and the Marantz VS3003 are designed to provide three 8K HDMI inputs each for 8K60 and 4K120 and the input signal via an 8K HDMI output to one of the AV receivers classified by Sound United as compatible To forward AV amplifier and AV preamplifier. The AV products from Denon and Marantz presented so far all only offer an 8K input.

There is still no official talk of HDMI 2.1, because the HDMI organization has only recently introduced a defined test course for so-called repeaters, i.e. AV devices and the switches presented today.

Denon AVS-3

  • Denon AVS-3

    Denon AVS-3 (Image: Sound United)

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    Denon AVS-3 and Marantz VS3003 are compatible with the following AV products.

    Switches with wall bracket and remote control

    As the parent company Sound United explains, Denon AVS-3 and Marantz VS3003 are no bigger than a Blu-ray player and should therefore be able to be placed almost anywhere. With the removable wall bracket and the IR repeater included in the scope of delivery, the switch can be placed outside the field of vision of the receiving devices on a shelf or in AV furniture without affecting the IR reception. The scope of delivery also includes a compact infrared remote control for changing the individual inputs. Both models should also be able to be controlled via the remote control of the AV receiver after the corresponding changes have been made in the input settings menu.

    Marantz VS3003

  • Marantz VS3003

    Marantz VS3003 (Image: Sound United)

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    The switches support HDMI-CEC, so that the devices switch on and off automatically and switch inputs as soon as an AV receiver, television or another 8K source with HDMI-CEC support is switched on.

    From October for 199 euros

    Denon AVS-3 and Marantz VS3003 are to be offered from October on the respective websites of the manufacturers as well as through authorized dealers at a price of 199 euros.

    8K HDMI switch was expected

    A glance at the circuit board of the SPK618 had already indicated that Sound United would bring an HDMI switch with three inputs onto the market. Conductor tracks that ended in nothing at two points, which came from the HDMI chipset Panasonic MN864807ADM, which only supplied one input and one output, already suggested in June that switches with three inputs could follow soon. And it is precisely these two conductor tracks that were previously not equipped with HDMI sockets now using Denon AVS-3 and Marantz VS3003.

    HDMI chipset in the SPK618 HDMI chipset in the SPK618 (Image: EiPi)

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