CPU cooler from Arctic: Upgrade kits for Intel Alder Lake from mid-October

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CPU cooler from Arctic: Upgrade kits for Intel Alder Lake from mid-October

Image: Arctic

After Noctua, Arctic also wants to offer assembly kits for its CPU coolers in order to make them compatible with the new LGA 1700 socket for Intel Alder Lake-S. If you present proof of purchase for the processor, the upgrade kit should be available free of charge.

With the LGA 1700 socket, not only does the number of contact surfaces in the CPU socket change, but also the hole spacing for installing coolers. So that existing cooling solutions can continue to be used, Noctua announced free upgrade kits for its range of coolers a month ago.

Arctic announces (free) assembly kits

The company Arctic follows this example and provides LGA-1700 assembly kits for mid-October “for all Freezer 34 models, the entire Liquid Freezer II series, the Freezer 50 as well as Freezer i13 X and Freezer i13 X CO“In prospect. in the Arctic webshop should the sets “be available for a service fee of € 5.99“. But there is also the possibility of “upon submission of a corresponding processor purchase receipt” the set “completely free“Arctic reports.

In future, most of the manufacturer’s current coolers will be delivered directly with the respective assembly kit for LGA 1700. With new presentations like the “end of October“Freezer i35 A-RGB to be expected, there will be compatibility with Intel Alder Lake-S ex works, as expected.

New boxed cooler

Of course, Intel’s boxed coolers included in the retail packaging of the CPUs also need to be adjusted by changing the socket at Alder Lake. Just recently, a photo of a presentation was published that allegedly shows Intel’s next generation boxed cooler for the 12th generation Core based on the Alder Lake hybrid architecture (details). As a result, Intel will be relying on RGB LEDs in the future, but will stick to the push-pin installation method.

The first retail listings indicate that it will not be long before Intel’s new CPU generation appears. Together with the processors, the matching motherboards with chipsets from the 600 series can be expected.

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