Cherry MX 10.0N RGB: 2.2 cm flat RGB keyboard is in a metal housing

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Cherry MX 10.0N RGB: 2.2 cm flat RGB keyboard is in a metal housing

Image: Cherry

Cherry packs mechanical buttons flat. The high-priced MX 10.0N RGB uses a metal housing with an unusual stand and low-profile button from the company, which are installed in the “Speed” version. This points in the direction of the target group: primarily players should be addressed.

The coordination of the buttons is special on speed models: they trigger very early. With the MX Low Profile Speed, this is the case after pressing in one millimeter. This distance can hardly be felt on the fingers, which makes the buttons “agile”. At the same time, however, the low resistance of the spring also makes them nervous, because accidentally triggering the button becomes extremely easy. This peculiarity is noticeable positively in games, it is usually less desirable for work.

The rest of the keyboard, however, is no longer so clearly aimed at the gaming target group. RGB lighting and N-key rollover, which allows any number of simultaneous inputs, have long ceased to be special features of the player segment. The layout is also only slightly expanded. Four additional keys above the number pad call up the computer and control the volume of the audio output. Further additional functions are implemented through multiple assignments of other keys.

Another special feature of the keyboard is its aluminum housing with a fold-out foot that extends the entire length of the MX 10.0N RGB. It should fold in automatically as soon as the keyboard is lifted. The keyboard has a USB connection with a Type-C connector for data transfer.

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    Cherry MX 10.0N RGB (Image: Cherry)

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    The lighting can be configured on a simple level using buttons. Cherry’s “Utility Software” has more functions available, which also allows macros to be created. Settings and assignments can be transferred to the eight megabyte onboard memory.

    The keyboard will be available in stores from the beginning of next month. Cherry gives a price recommendation of around 150 euros.

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