Carbon Mobile 1 MK II: 200 Euro price reduction and in the future “Made in Germany”

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Carbon Mobile 1 MK II: 200 Euro price reduction and in the future

Image: Carbon Mobile

Carbon Mobile is moving the production of the carbon smartphone “Carbon 1 MK II” from China to Germany. The components such as chips, camera modules and the monocoque housing continue to come from Asia, but production now takes place in Flensburg. At the same time, the price was reduced from 799 euros to 599 euros.

The Carbon 1 MK II had its premiere in February 2020 shortly before the MWC, when the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic was not yet fully foreseeable. The smartphone is characterized above all by its particularly low weight of only 125 grams. Composites are woven directly into the 6.3 mm thin carbon fiber monocoque construction to allow various radio signals to pass through.

After initial difficulties caused by the pandemic, the market was finally launched in March of this year at a price of 799 euros. Shortly before, the so-called Carbonizer, customers who supported the project early on and made a down payment, received their smartphones.

Manufactured in a former Motorola factory

The company is now relocating production from China to Germany, but continues to source the individual components from Asia, but not prefabricated. The production takes place in Flensburg in the former Motorola factory and takes place in partnership with the ITK distributor Ingram Micro. The vision behind it: high quality “Made in Germany” as well as an increase in sustainability in smartphone production. Schleswig-Holstein is to be made into an influential technology location, explains the company.

The cooperation with Ingram Micro is no coincidence, the distributor already operates the workshops for repairing smartphones and can thus bring extensive knowledge of the technology of the devices into production. The first test batch of over 150 devices has already successfully rolled off the production line.

Price permanently reduced to 599 euros

At the same time as the announcement of the new production site, Carbon Mobile has permanently reduced the price from 799 euros to 599 euros. The smartphones were last listed for 750 euros at the sales partners Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn, Otto, Conrad and Digitech own online shop but the new price can already be found.

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