Beta 5: Android 12 is almost ready

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Google is preparing the release of the final Android 12 behind the scenes. Before the operating system is released, however, there is now a final Beta 5, which Google also calls the release candidate for pixel smartphones and the Android emulator. Developers should complete their compatibility test now.

Google had already achieved “Platform Stability” with the last Beta 4. This means that all areas of the operating system that interact with apps as well as SDK and NDK APIs have already been finalized with the last version. With the last bug fixes and optimizations in the new Beta 5, Google is now calling on developers to complete their compatibility tests for applications under Android 12 and to publish the corresponding updates now.

New trailer for the Pixel 6

Because in the next step, according to Google, the release of the final operating system is planned, which will also be used on the new Pixel 6 smartphones in autumn, for which Google has released a new trailer parallel to Beta 5, which shows both variants in quick cuts shows in action.

Developers should test their apps

Android 12 brings with it changes that have an impact on the behavior of apps and can potentially lead to errors if apps have not been adapted, provided that it is prescribed support from Google. Usually, not every new feature has to be supported by an app.

Google leads with Android 12 among other things the privacy dashboard one, a central overview for all accesses by apps to the user’s data and their authorizations. Android 12 also shows in the status bar about indicators when an application is using the camera or microphone. In the quick settings there is new switches for camera and microphoneto permanently deactivate it. This feature can also be controlled by the device administrator, for example in a company environment. Users also receive information when an app has access to the clipboard, for example during copy-and-paste processes. Android 12 also brings one new overscroll effect at the end of lists as well as one new splash screen when starting apps with. Google also separates from many outdated BouncyCastle cryptographic algorithms, including all AES algorithms, when generating keys, and instead uses Android 12 Conscrypt.

Android 12 is about to be completed Android 12 is about to be completed (Image: Google)

Android 12 runs from the Pixel 3

According to Google, the final Android 12 will be released in the coming weeks. All Google smartphones are supported from pixel 3 as well as one as part of the beta small selection of third party smartphones.

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