be quiet! Straight Power 11 Platinum vs. Cooler Master MWE and V550 V2 in the test

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The Straight Power 11 power supply units from be quiet! have repeatedly been able to prove themselves in the editors’ test, the new “Platinum” version should also succeed. With the 80Plus Gold power supplies of the MWE series in the lower price segment and the V series in the higher price segment, Cooler Master offers two alternatives. Only one is convincing.

These are the three test candidates

After increasing the efficiency of the Dark Power (Pro) 12 series to 80Plus Titanium, be quiet! With a “Platinum” version of the Straight Power 11 power supply units, it is a cheaper alternative to its own high-end series, which is more efficient than any model in the series before. Apart from that, the manufacturer did not make any external modifications to the existing “Gold” power supplies, which is why the Straight Power 11 Platinum genetically comes closest to the “Straight Power” in terms of equipment.

Competitor Cooler Master has also improved its efficiency. The inexpensive MWE series now also offers “Gold” representatives, which are now available as MWE Gold V2, both fully modular and non-modular. The V-Series branding is still used for high-end power supplies. From the predecessor, there is a “V2” in the product name as a distinguishing feature and, for the first time, a white housing finish.

The prices in comparison

In the price list, the Cooler Master V550 Gold V2 White Edition 550W is more of a be quiet! Straight Power 11 Platinum 550W as opposed to the “Gold” representative, which is equal in terms of efficiency. Both Cooler Master models are currently available from a provider for just over 60 euros, while the trade is closed for a little over 100 euros for the Platinum straight power required. That is how much the V550 Gold V2 costs at most dealers.

The details of the test methodology, the test station used, the electrical measurements and the sound pressure level measurements can also be read separately in this case in the article Power supply tests: methodology, structure and equipment. A constantly updated overview of recommended power supplies is provided by the power supply ranking with a list of the best.

Technical key data in comparison

In terms of dimensions, there are no differences between the three models with an installation depth of 160 mm. However, the fan size for the MWE Gold V2 Full Modular 550W has been reduced to an edge length of 120 mm.

The protective circuits are fully equipped. The overcurrent protection on the 12-volt rail can in principle work most effectively with the Straight Power 11 Platinum 550W, because the current is divided into four separately protected channels.

Documented protection circuits

Manufacturer’s guarantee for five and ten years

In the event of defects, the manufacturer is the preferred point of contact. While an account with Cooler Master has to be created for the processing via the manufacturer, it is sufficient with be quiet! fill out a contact form. For German customers, domestic parcel shipping and (in the first year after purchase) an express exchange service within 48 hours are a practical advantage in favor of the be-quiet! Power supply, while Cooler Master operates its service center in the Netherlands.

The V550 Gold V2 White Edition 550W enhances the ten-year longer warranty period in this respect. In contrast, the competition only offers guarantees for five years.

Scope of delivery and exterior

The scope of delivery of the power supply units consists of the most important items such as the manual, IEC cable and screws. In addition, the Straight Power 11 Platinum 550W and V550 Gold V2 White Edition 550W have a couple of cable ties.

The generally more affordable equipment of the MWE Gold V2 Full Modular 550W is also reflected in the design of the housing, which only consists of a standard sheet metal shape, which also only provides an opening for a 120 mm fan. The other two subjects take on 135 mm fans. On top of that, these two implementations have a significantly higher quality, because be quiet! a specially developed fan grille is used and the V550 Gold V2 White Edition 550W stands out from the crowd with its white paintwork and special shape in the side panel.

  • be quiet! Straight Power 11 Platinum 550W

    be quiet! Straight Power 11 Platinum 550W

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    In addition to the power switch, the V550 Gold V2 White Edition 550W also has a switch on the front for switching the fan control mode, which can be used to switch from semi-passive to exclusively active operation.

    Cable equipment

    In terms of equipment, the power supplies from the Cooler Master differ from those of the be-quiet! This only has a single EPS connection, while the Cooler-Master power dispenser can also supply high-performance CPU platforms. There are also different numbers of PCIe connectors available, of which the V550 Gold V2 White Edition 550W provides the most with four. For a power supply unit with an output power of 550 W, more than two of these connections are generally not necessary.

    Be quiet! as usual for a compact sleeving of the veins. Cooler Master, on the other hand, prefers bundling via ribbon cables, which in the case of the 24-pin ATX line, however, leads to many individual cables and thus tends to lead to more disorder. For the V550 Gold V2 White Edition 550W, Cooler Master has consequently also colored the insulation of the copper wires in white.

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