Amazon could launch its own range of televisions in October in the United States

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Amazon is said to be on the verge of marketing in the United States a range of televisions under its own brand and produced by other manufacturers. The devices could be offered as early as October 2021, according to information from Business Insider, relayed by The Verge. They will be available in several sizes ranging from 140 to 189 centimeters of screen diagonal. All products will be equipped with the Alexa home voice assistant.

This is not Amazon’s first foray into the TV screen market. The American giant already sells Amazon Basics televisions in India. Under this brand, the e-commerce site also offers audiovisual accessories and cables as well as mattresses, office supplies, batteries or DIY equipment, recalls Frandroid.

Compete with Google’s Android TV

The company has also partnered with Best Buy electronics stores to market Insignia or Toshiba televisions equipped with the Amazon Fire TV media player. The latter is also available as an external device in the form of a cube or a key to be connected to a television. The American launch of a series of devices bearing the Amazon brand, however, would be a great first. The operation would show the growing interest of the Seattle giant for this market.

The teams would have worked on this project for two years. Among other things, this would have mobilized Lab126, the Amazon subsidiary specializing in technological innovations. The televisions, initially built by the Chinese TCL, would allow Amazon to compete with other manufacturers. Philips, Sony, LG, Samsung and Panasonic would be targeted. But the features offered by Amazon’s screens would also constitute a weighty element in the fight against Google and its Android TV.

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