Alan Wake Remastered: New edition with graphics update for PC, Xbox & PlayStation

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Alan Wake Remastered: New edition with graphics update for PC, Xbox & PlayStation

Image: Epic Games Publishing

The rumor mill has been bubbling over Alan Wake for a long time, now it’s official: A remastered version of the original from 2010 will be released in 2021. A second part is also rumored, but Remedy is still silent here. The remastered version will be available for all common platforms.

Alan Wake Remastered will offer all of the content of the original, so in addition to the main program, the DLCs “The Writer” and “The Signal” will also be included – both of which were already available in the PC version released in 2012. It is still unclear how the remastered will differ from the original in detail. Remedy speaks of “newly rendered 4K graphics and new comments from Creative Director Sam Lake“.

Apart from that, Remedy continues to make the remastered quite a secret. Screenshots or videos, for example, are still completely missing, so it is completely open to what extent technology and optics have really been improved. An exact publication date is also missing, more than the information “Autumn 2021” does not exist yet.

For the PC on Epic and all consoles from Microsoft and Sony

After all, the platforms for which Alan Wake Remastered will appear are clear: In addition to the PC, the game will also be available for PlayStation 4 (Pro), Xbox One (X), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, with the Sony Consoles are a first. Since it was first released on Xbox 360 eleven years ago, Alan Wake has been an exclusive game available on Xbox and later on Windows PC.

On PC, Alan Wake Remastered will be released on the Epic Games Store. Since Epic Games Publishing serves as the publisher, it can be assumed that the title will remain permanently exclusive on Epic and that Steam will be completely excluded.

Alan Wake was able to perform in the ComputerBase test with his “Like a movie“Convince the concept, the Metacritic Score is high at 83 points. On the other hand, you will look in vain for playful freedom, because Alan Wake simply cannot be played outside of the path set by the developers.

ComputerBase received the information from Epic Games Publishing in advance. The manufacturer did not exert any influence on the reporting, and there was no obligation to publish. The only requirement was the earliest possible publication date.

Update 10.09.2021 11:08 a.m.

Remedy has now released a trailer for Alan Wake Remastered and has also announced further information. Accordingly, the game will be released on October 5th for 30 euros. The price apparently applies to all versions and thus to the PC and the consoles in digital and physical form.

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