The new Beats Studio Buds launch might prove a challenge to Apple Airpods

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Beats Studio Buds
Image Source: Beats

Beats has released new earbuds going by the name Studio Buds. As it turns out, its sleek design isn't the only thing in its favor. This earbud might provide a tough competition to Apple Airpods Pro, the latest contender in the Airpods market and a premium class technology device. 

As we discuss all the details of the new Studio Buds, we will make comparisons with Airpods Pro here and there and see which one takes the cup at last. So let us start without further ado!

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Studio Buds by Beats

There are so many new features that are exciting to talk about. This is a true successor to the previous Buds launched by Beats. While the buds have not been released yet, let us see what they offer, starting with its design.


Beats Studio Buds colors
Image Credits: Beats

The design of Beats Studio Buds is great. Refreshing and very different from Powerbeats Pro, it comes in three colors: white, black, and red. You can notice the in-ear design to be somewhat similar to Airpods Pro, which is a great fit! The stem has been removed and it gives a new look to the buds, making it stand out from the original Airpods.


I had to look for the reviews about these stylish-looking earbuds at multiple websites since I have not gotten my hands on them yet. According to TechRadar, the audio seemed to be fine. Not as good as some of the other great audio devices out there by Sony or Bose, but it does the job. The audio is well balanced unlike the previous Earbuds and makes for a great experience.

The Active noise control is a boon, however, in this respect, Apple Airpods Pro does a slightly better job. You can block out certain low-level noises using Studio Buds, but any big or constant noises are bound to slip in.

Beats Studio Buds

Image Credits: Beats


The battery lasts around eight hours of playback time in total, with up to 5 hours with ANC or Transparent mode turned on. This can go up to 10 hours with the charging case fully charged. 

The transparent mode provides the surrounding sounds from the nearby environment using its external mic.  The Apple Airpods or Airpods Pro don't do much better in case of battery backup either, even though the battery life of Studio Buds is not great.


The Studio Buds come ready for one-click pairing with both Android and iOS, which might sound a bit unique. This is because Studio Buds use Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and do not use the H1 chipset used by other apple's audio devices. 

There are cons to it but you would still be able to use 'Hey Siri' commands and get Android compatibility so overall, it makes up for it. Also, Beats has indicated this comes prepared for smart BlueTooth connectivity in case you start using a different iOS powered phone suddenly. This means the buds would detect and auto pair with whatever device you are running at the moment. A great thing for sure.


Finally, we are on the most important topic that matters for many users aside from Audio. Even though there are few drawbacks, such as no wireless charging feature, and lack of in-ear detection, the price of $150 is a great deal! It is $100 less than the Airpods Pro, which comes at $249. 

Beats Studio Buds price
Image Credits: Techvair

Apple has announced it would be launched this summer so we should expect this exciting earbud to hit the markets somewhere in a month or two. Even though you can already add one to your Shopping bag from here

This is all we know for now about Beats Studio Buds, as they have not made much appearance other than being worn by several celebrities recently. So stay tuned for further updates!

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